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Chemsol Ltd


Chemsol  Ltd is a company that specialized in giving solutions for sealing and adhesion by using of variety of raw materials which supplied by leading companies in the world.

Chemsol has in stock extensive line of products that can be converted, cut, slit, laminated according to customer's specific demands.

The staff of the company includes professional team dedicated to assist customers to find the appropriate solution.


Engineering support


Front to back solutions.

Chemsol gives technical support, and professional engineering accompany to customers,  just  from the beginning  of projects, followed by testing and samples supply,  till final product specification.

This support and assistance is provided by well trained professional team even in customer's plants.


Our mission


Complete customers satisfaction  for right solution

Quick response and assistance even at customer plant

Fast and on time delivery.

Reliable and stable quality.

Long run relations with customers.




Chemsol is involved in the market of adhesives and sealants with the following activities:

1.      Accurate cutting of various products

2.      Assembling parts, including potting , casting and bonding.

3.      Supply of adhesives sealants and tapes.


Industries served:


Electronics and Electrical , High-Tec , Telcom, Medical market, Aviation , Aerospace and Military industry , Automotive industry.




We have very advanced and technological equipment which we use to process variety of materials from leading suppliers in the world and according customer's demands.

We can process and convert many materials according to customer's engineering requests.

We develop new products that combine advanced technologies and know-how with an accurate equipment for customer's benefit and assistance.


Equipment and Machinery


Accurate cutting and punching machines , laser cutting , automatic slitting machine , dosing and mixing machines, UV curing and potting equipment.




We can make die-cut out of almost any material such as: foams  ( EPDM ,Poron , PVC, Neoprene , PE … ) , double sided adhesives and single sided adhesive tapes.

Solid rubber , Perspex, Mylar, Kepton, Nomex , Textile and more…


Products :


1.      Tapes and foams


Structural adhesive tape based on acrylic adhesive.

Double sided tapes , based on polyester film, tissue, transfer, Acrylic foam tapes , polyethylene tapes and more…

Single sided tapes based on polyester, foam PVC , Neoprene , polyethylene , Poron and more..

Medical tapes with standards approvals and medical specifications.

Die cut made put of foam tapes based on Vinyl , polyethylene with and without adhesive. EPDM , Poron , silicone foam and membranes. Solid rubber foam and membranes.

Protective sheets in various thicknesses  and specifications transparent and colored non transparent.

Conductive pads and thermal insulation pads.

Electrical Insulation materials based on Kepton , Mylar and Nomex.


2.      Engineering adhesives.


Superglue , epoxy adhesives , UV adhesive , different kind , reaction speed and viscosity.

Various polyurethane adhesives : various kind with different viscosities, flexibility , curing speed and adhesive strength.

Anaerobic adhesives – for thread locking, retaining threads , shaft and bearings , stud, flange sealing, etc.

In stock available in various kind , colors , strengths and viscosities.

UV adhesives – various viscosity , curing speed and adhesion strength.




We accompany projects at the very beginning stage , building a prototype , providing sample, testing , till the mass production.

Production of design samples , prototype testing samples.





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